Home Coaching & Organizing

“I am famous for having a safe place for things…safe from even me! My clutter became a coping mechanism—a protection system. Beth has the gift to ‘un-blur’ the lines between the past and the present. She helped me discern what is currently a treasured item or piece of information, what I needed to get rid of, and what I must let go. She came with a basic plan that had room for my individual needs and ideas. Then with gentle compassion she kept me on pace when sorting things seemed impossible and I felt overwhelmed. She says ‘sometimes a deadline is a lifeline;’ while holding me accountable to goals, she helped me deal with the emotions that come up during the process—sometimes playfully, other times seriously.

I would not have ever gotten it all sorted without Beth. Not only did she assist the mental process of sorting and deciding what to do with stuff, she provided the physical help of seeing, moving and sorting things. She gave me courage and skills to do more each day than I had been able to do alone. By shifting my approach and some old beliefs I was able to carry on after our work together. Thanks to Beth, I was finally able to tend to the belongings of my deceased mom and kept only what was truly a treasure to me now.”

~  P.M.H.

“Beth was an amazing coach for my whole family, from my young daughter to my aging parents. She helped all of us prepare for and hold a very successful family yard sale. She helped me to release a lot of anger and frustration simply by shifting my perspective on my husband’s de-cluttering process and how it differs from mine. Clutter and not understanding such differences can make things feel hopeless. Connect with Beth to bring back the hope and to de-clutter!”

~ Jennifer S.

“It was a pleasure having Beth help organize and de-clutter my quilting studio. She took the time through a questionnaire and conversation to get to know me and what I wanted to accomplish. Beth is amazing when it comes to finding space and offering very helpful tips on organizing the supplies that need a place to be stored. Beth worked with me every step of the way, making suggestions I would never have thought of and being by my side helping to implement those suggestions. I could never have accomplished this project without her help.”

~ Ann C

“Beth, you were indispensable in the preparation and running of my yard sale. I would recommend you to anyone! Thanks again for your diligence!”

~ Robert W.

“Beth, I can’t thank you enough for making the sale of our house a reality. Despite all the work I had done on my own, purging our basement was the ‘final frontier’ that felt too big to tackle. Your willingness to partner with me until the job was DONE made all the difference. Thank you for standing by my side, offering humor and compassion as I moved through a lifetime of treasures and memories, and bringing the gifts of clarity and focus to the job. The tools, supplies, and strategies you have in your ‘tool belt’ are fun and effective, and I am grateful for all the preparation you did to make our day a productive one. I am sure the buyers who are purchasing our home will enjoy the beautiful basement family room for years to come, and we are happy to be moving only the things that we really want and need. Thank you, Beth!!”

~ Sarah K.

“A friend who is a colleague of Beth’s recommended her to me. For years I had trouble letting go of clutter, and Beth has helped me to change that. My career and hobbies produce a lot of clutter.  I also come from a long line of clutterbugs, and after going through the painful experience of clearing out a family home and dealing with their estate, I want to be mindful of what I will one day leave behind. Decluttering can be an emotional process, and in my experience, Beth is very kind and empathetic. She knows when to push gently, and when to stop and take a break to be patient with those difficult feelings. Besides helping me in my home, she also helped me on the phone to work through emptying out a storage locker, and that was a great experience for me too.

When you are ready to go, Beth is energetic, organized and full of good ideas, and will move clutter out quickly.  She is naturally bubbly and fun, and knows how to be super-focused when needed. She is not bossy, just warm, efficient and respectful of your choices about what things are so important for you or your family to keep.  She is patient and non-judgmental of your mental process (and your mess) in a way that gets a lot done.  She has great ideas and puts them into action. Her positive attitude is a great help. (If you know that old story about the optimist and the pessimist…Beth knows “there’s a pony in there somewhere!”)

I got so much more done with Beth’s help than I ever did alone or with other people helping me. I understand, now, that I have a process that works for me. I need to go through my stuff in the way that makes the most sense to me.  That way, it will actually get done! Beth helped me figure out what works best for me.  I now have mostly things that I love and are true treasures, or things that are truly useful.  If I start to get stuck again, I remind myself of Beth’s “positivity” and I get back to my list of priorities that Beth helped me figure out.  Beth has really improved my life.”

~ S.W.

“Beth came to my rescue as I ended treatment for breast cancer. I realized that our condo had become very cluttered during my two years of treatment due to lack of energy and inability to make decisions; items were put away without much thought. The resulting clutter in our closets, drawers, cupboards, and storage space were stressful to me. Paper files were becoming overwhelming. Our condo did not look cluttered, but two years of no effective clean out had taken a toll.

Beth has been gentle yet firm in her guidance. She has helped out by taking items like books and clothing to resale options. She seems to have boundless energy and an ability to keep track of endless details. She also always has ideas and can provide resources to back up her recommendations. We are still working together and will for a while longer, I am sure. She is a valuable partner in this ongoing decluttering phase of our lives. I would highly recommend her services.

She will take you ‘From OMG to Omm…’ “

~ Carole C.

“Beth Munro is my trusted companion for decluttering – even though we’ve never met in person during the 5 years we’ve known each other. I live in a 2-bedroom condo in Canada with my hubbie, and we both run our businesses from home.  I owned the condo before he moved in, and I was already using every nook and cranny before we stuffed all his worldly goods in with mine.  Both of us have a hard time letting go of our “precious” belongings.  We have so many things we don’t use and yet, when we look at them, we are attached and want to keep them.   Along came Beth…

It was through an internet business coaching program that I met Beth and we developed a friendship as we worked together on projects over the internet and by phone. It didn’t take long before I knew the following about Beth:

  • She is an excellent listener..
  • She has a refined insight whereby she can ask the exact pertinent question to help you recognize your wish, your resistance, your place of peace.
  • Beth is loyal, trustworthy, and has the highest integrity in her personal and business dealings.
  • Her coaching is so natural and gentle that you feel she is your most trusted, close friend (she is!) and yet her kind, directed firmness keeps you on the track of change that you have chosen (with her intuitive help)
  • When Beth is “there” (in person or over the internet or phone), she acts as your “better half” and you do the things that you really want to do but are uncertain about doing on your own.

Beth has helped me with 2 projects so far … we call it “Canadian Closet Cleaning”

To start, she asked me to do a really cool Crossword Puzzle exercise so she could understand how I work, so that she could coach me in methods that suited my behaviours.

We had two 2-hour appointments and accomplished 1 closet during each appointment.

  • Beth carefully and creatively requests permission
  • Presents possibilities and choices and alternatives
  • Eases your mindset to how it will feel to regain the space
  • By being there, she helps you GET IT DONE!!!”

    ~ B.L.R.

“When it was time to prepare to move from a house that had been right for a family of four to a condo, Beth assisted with a variety of decisions, tasks, and outlooks. Here is a partial list of how she made it possible!

– Moral support & a chuckle when needed.

– Compassionate, respectful, yet efficient processing of the belongings of my deceased loved one.

– Realistic decisions about what to save for my young-adult children, “just in case!”

– Conscious decisions about what to keep for the new phase of my life.

– “Stashing for staging”

– Full staging for the real estate photos that still let me feel like I lived there.

– Planning for furniture placement in my new home.

– Removal of donations and consignment items as she makes things disappear and go to good causes.

– Coordinated e-Bay sales.

– Consulted with a Craigslist contact for the sale of larger items.

– Devised a plan to ensure that large donations would be picked up by charitable organizations and any remaining items would be hauled away and disposed of.

– She also helped keep things flowing on moving day!

I would certainly recommend Beth for any and all of the services she offers!”


“Coaching, by helping me focus and get organized, is no mean feat.

But from her broad perspective and extensive knowledge Beth asks relevant questions, listens carefully,and responds with constructive, useful and doable ideas and suggestions. It’s important to me that this process is shaped by my responses. Using my ideas, Beth helps me arrive at what is most useful and suited to me. We collaborate.

And so I get a handle on how to deal with projects which have seemed impossible, such as clearing out and ordering an enormous, stuffed, messy closet. 

Kind and encouraging, Beth helps me get started on projects, which with her input,  I keep at with gusto, energized as I see the results.

Because we laugh a lot, our sessions are fun, so I anticipate what I thought I’d dread. I wish all my friends (and some family too) could avail themselves of her skillful coaching.”

~ Ann McCrea

General Life Coaching

“Beth makes the time and effort to really get to know her clients. Because of her genuine interest she offers so much more than the typical generic motivational clichés. She is perceptive and can grasp a situation quickly, teasing out the critical factors to help arrive at ‘the next step.’ Her questions and suggestions managed to keep my wheels turning when I felt stuck and drained of ideas on how to proceed with my career.”

~ Marcia D.

“In one particularly memorable Skype session, Beth helped me map out my life. All the unspoken subconscious plans supporting my conscious goals became clear so I could examine my reactions to specific situations. I could see the beauty of how I’ve been conducting my life, removing doubt around my actions, reinforcing faith that my innate guidance system is working perfectly to help me be my best expression.”

~ Barbara R.

“Dear Beth (et al.), Thank you seems inadequate. The joy & freedom your workshops have brought me are the gift that keeps on giving. The seed you all have sown has allowed me to paint whimsical furniture, brought me a colorful lively workspace, provided me with the skills, energy & forgiveness to organize & organize again. I write now for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week—sometimes even for pay! You are wonderful women, goddesses in my life, and when joined together—a force to be reckoned with! Thank you.”

~ Barbara L.

“Whether it’s coaching, creating, editing, filing, grammar, technology, writing or anything else, Beth will help with whatever you need from A to Z — and make it look and feel E-Z!”

 ~ M.A.M. 

Garden Coaching & Collaboration

“Moving into our new house without a clue as to how to tend to (or control) the beautiful gardens was overwhelming to say the least. Beth came in with a smile, her fabulous sense of humor and tools to educate on the process of gardening. Being a visual learner, Beth took the time to point out each and every flora and fauna to me. I learned more from her than I ever could on my own. This continued throughout the summer in a quiet, timely manner without disruption to our family schedule. The end result was what I like to call a gorgeous Peace/Zen Garden, which is enjoyed year round. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Beth in the future with any questions or cry for help if the balance in my garden ever shifts. Namaste!”

~ Carla Grace B.

“Beth was hired to help us with an ongoing frustrating problem we had in our garden. It was becoming an eyesore instead of a source of calming enjoyment. She spent time researching the problem utilizing many sources which required leg work, computer research and phone calls to specialists. She outlined our choices in writing, purchased the equipment based on our feedback and personally applied the techniques that had been recommended which took several on-site visits. She showed persistence, patience and expertise and worked around our schedules… AND she helped us regain our sense of humor about it throughout until the problem was finally remedied. We were glad to have her help and would strongly recommend her to others who have a problem that ‘just seems too overwhelming’ for the moment because of schedules or exasperation.”

~ M.L.S.

Beth Munro


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