Coaching for Life and Home

Moving you from OMG to Ommm….

A Note From Beth

When I was studying and then teaching Nutrition, I was most interested in  how to foster habits that lead us to our goals of health and maintenance of it. I am a geek, too… I admit it, I loved Biochem, but not as much as sharing information and asking questions that encourage a personalized approach to health. How we nourish ourselves is so fundamentally important.

Over time (& with a nudge from a Psych class in the  Education Department) it occurred to me that there is something even more fundamental than food for our nourishment and our pursuit of health. Those thoughts carried over also to happiness, general well-being and success.

What is that something? Our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, etc. are the real underpinnings of our nourishment.  They affect whether or not we choose to take good care of ourselves…be that by nutrition or any other part of our life, including the care of our homes, relationships and careers. Our beliefs, thoughts and feelings determine if we shall nurture our creative interests, goals and dreams. Most of us would benefit from reframing so our beliefs, thoughts and feelings become ones that encourage us to invest time and energy into actually, finally…changing the habits/patterns or situations that do not serve our long-range definition of success!

Life coaching was a natural next step. It encourages the ultimate in nourishment via shifting beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and habits/patterns. Obstacles, both real and perceived (which sure makes them feel real!) get dealt with and moved through.

Define Your Success, Coaching for Life & Home evolved from witnessing people’s need for a compassionate, proactive partner in the clearing of clutter, improving organization and designing maintenance systems that get the job done without spoiling the fun. Tending to these needs makes space, not just in your home, but also in your heart and mind, for what you really want!

Whether you choose to approach coaching decision by decision or room by room,  or both, let’s connect to explore steps toward your definition of success.

Since you are still reading this, I’ll give you a hint: The FIRST step for many is what I call Moving You From OMG to Ommm…“.   My personal Ommm… is an excited calm, or a calm, focused excitement. How would you describe yours?

It will be a fabulous shift…you are ready, aren’t you?” Contact me today – a complimentary consult awaits you!

Formal Education Prior to Life Coach Training:
Graduate degree Education for Adults with a concentration in Nutrition
Undergrad degree dual major Business Administration and Spanish

Continuing Education
School of Hard Knocks and Soft Taps (that follow the whispers of knowing that we eventually learn to stop ignoring!)