Mad Hatter Tea Party Fundraisers

Fundraisers for Cancer Awareness and Support Services for Patients

2016 Hat

This hat was inspired by the scene “Painting the white roses red.” My message was: Why not STOP doing that? Coaching can dig up the white roses, and plant the red ones you really want!

With the help of a neighbor and a lot of fishing line this hat could be disassembled for reuse!

Received Honorable Mention for a Themed Hat for which there was no category & a promise to add an Alice in Wonderland Category the next year!

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I will give a prize to anyone who notices what I did on the hat that is accurate for the book, but not the animated movie (Hint: watch the video clip)

2017 Hat

I chose another scene from Alice in Wonderland this year–Caucus Race/Sea of Tears. Doing the same thing over & over while expecting a different outcome is what plagues many people. Coaching breaks that cycle!

Foamboard/Styrofoam, black thread, blue thread, a glue gun & a different neighbor made this hat possible (No fishing line this year–and the hat was still able to be disassembled for future use).

Won Best in the Alice-in-Wonderland Themed Hat Category

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I will give a prize to anyone who figures out what creature from the scene I left off my hat!

2018 Hat

Coming Soon! Won Best Hat(s) in the Royal Wedding Category
Co-designed & assembled with a dear friend & coaching colleague, Rachel de Almeida (AKA “Fastest Glue-Gun in the East”)