“RIGHTsizing is the new Downsizing”

RIGHTsizing Your Life and Space

Beth Munro, MAE, Personal Organizer, Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
Corinne McKeown, Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), Author, Artist

If you’re trying to figure out next steps for how and where you want to live, you’re not alone. These questions can loom large for anyone—especially later in life. There is much to consider about housing itself, not to mention what to do with a lifetime’s accumulation of everything from “stuff” to important and treasured belongings. It can be overwhelming.

Beth Munro and Corinne McKeown have helped scores of people get started or get unstuck—not to “declutter and downsize,” but to “RIGHTsize” their lives. RIGHTsizing looks to the future, plays to your strengths, and helps you reassess and redefine your life and space.

This program will cover a variety of housing options and highlight emerging living trends. It will also help you make decisions that are comfortable, meaningful, and realistic for you about what to keep and what to release. Along the way, we’ll share some fun ideas, tips, and resources to support you moving forward. 

Whether you are moving or not, RIGHTsizing can be for you!

Older Adults/Seniors & Their Families

Forward Move: A Senior’s Guide to Real Estate And Housing Options
by Corinne McKeown (especially Chapter 5 on downsizing/RIGHTsizing)