For Overwhelmed Creatives

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“Uncover Your Creativity: A Journal of Exploration to Organize Your Creative Space”

“It was a pleasure having Beth help organize and de-clutter my quilting studio. She took the time through a questionnaire and conversation to get to know me and what I wanted to accomplish. Beth is amazing when it comes to finding space and offering very helpful tips on organizing the supplies that need a place to be stored. Beth worked with me every step of the way, making suggestions I would never have thought of and being by my side helping to implement those suggestions. I could never have accomplished this project without her help.”

~ Ann C

“Dear Beth (et al.), Thank you seems inadequate. The joy & freedom your workshops have brought me are the gift that keeps on giving. The seed you all have sown has allowed me to paint whimsical furniture, brought me a colorful lively workspace, provided me with the skills, energy & forgiveness to organize & organize again. I write now for 2 hours a day, 5 days a week—sometimes even for pay! You are wonderful women, goddesses in my life, and when joined together—a force to be reckoned with! Thank you.”

~ Barbara L

“Whether it’s coaching, creating, editing, filing, grammar, technology, writing or anything else, Beth will help with whatever you need from A to Z — and make it look and feel E-Z!”

~ M.A.M. 

“Coaching, by helping me focus and get organized, is no mean feat.

But from her broad perspective and extensive knowledge Beth asks relevant questions, listens carefully,and responds with constructive, useful and doable ideas and suggestions. It’s important to me that this process is shaped by my responses. Using my ideas, Beth helps me arrive at what is most useful and suited to me. We collaborate.

And so I get a handle on how to deal with projects which have seemed impossible, such as clearing out and ordering an enormous, stuffed, messy closet. 

Kind and encouraging, Beth helps me get started on projects, which with her input,  I keep at with gusto, energized as I see the results.

Because we laugh a lot, our sessions are fun, so I anticipate what I thought I’d dread. I wish all my friends (and some family too) could avail themselves of her skillful coaching.”

~ Ann McCrea